Top Spots for Quiet Moments in the Low Country

By: Sara

Charleston is a special place. I could tell you all about my many memories there or about my biggest life events. I could tell you about falling in love on Folly Beach and the seemingly endless summers, or explain the details of an oyster roast and how important this fall gathering is to the Low Country culture. But for now I want to share my 3 favorite spots for quiet time, alone time, peace and quiet, mama time, whatever you want to call it! We all need it. I’ve always loved to sit in my thoughts, especially in nature. No matter where I’ve lived I’ve always managed to find beautiful spots for introspection. Charleston, South Carolina has no shortage of beautiful places, but these 3 are treasure boxes of memories for me which makes them my personal favorites.

  1. The fishing pier at James Island County Park.

This spot has a little boardwalk stretching over the marsh and leading to a small fishing pier. It overlooks the intracoastal waterway and, depending on the tide, you can almost always see little fiddler crabs scurrying over the pluff mud, popping in and out of their holes as if to say, “Catch me if you can!” The smell of pluff mud and salty air waft through the muggy air. The river current rises and falls with the tide. The sweet grass stretches on in masses and you almost feel like you could run through it. It’s quiet here and despite the flow of water, everything feels so still. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for some coastal wildlife! You can easily spot a crane or two looking for a snack. This place will fill your eyes with so much beauty, you can’t help but stop a minute. Or “sit a spell” if you’re a true southerner!

2. Melton Peter Demetre Park.

Honestly, I had to google the official name of this place because its known to locals as Sunset Park. It’s located through a neighborhood on the edge of James Island and overlooks the Charleston City Peninsula. And, hence the name, it has beautiful sunsets. It’s off the beaten path and you won’t see many tourist, just a few locals walking their dogs or some moms letting their children play in the sand. I’ve sat here with a friend as she processed some terrible news, I’ve had a wine and cheese picnic with a group of friends as we watched the sun sink low. I’ve hopped on a boat from the dock and I’ve sat here countless times with iced coffee in hand, watching the boats pass by. A special place indeed.

3. The very edge of Folly.

This last spot used to be a bit of a secret. It’s more well known now but depending on the day and time of year, you may just have the whole place to yourself. It’ll feel like your own private beach. I’m not even sure if there’s an actual name of this spot but I can tell you how to get there! Go all the way down Folly road until you can’t go any further and the ocean is in front of you. Make a left on E Ashley Ave. Take that road all the way down until it dead ends and head down the path! I would guess it’s a 1/4 mile walk. There are huge rocks jutting out of the beach making for the perfect sitting spot. The Morris Island lighthouse stands proud off the shore, always posing for the shot. Be sure explore this little area by going through the trees off the beach, you’ll come out to a spot overlooking the intracoastal. Grab a book, a snack, and towel and cozy up on this romantic and photogenic spot!

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