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5 Car Camping with Kids Must-Haves

There’s no doubt – camping with kiddos seems daunting. Parents use so much kid-specific gear on a daily basis that adding that load to a gear-heavy hobby like camping seems like more work than it’s worth! So how do people do it without losing their minds? You know the basics (sleeping bags, tents, camp chairs), but here are a few […]

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Revelations in a Big Ditch

When my mother-in-law asked if I wanted to raft the Grand Canyon for a week with Western River Expeditions, my answer was a resounding HECK YEAH. My sisters-in-law, mother-in-law, and 24 other folks made our way down to Lee’s Ferry via plane, train, and automobile, and launched into the Colorado River on giant J-Rig boats (with engines! they were huge!) […]

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Hi there!

We’re so glad you’re here. Have you ever had a moment where it seemed like all the puzzle pieces just snapped into place? They don’t happen often, but when they do, HOLD. ON. After arriving home from two separate trips to the desert, an idea sparked in our hearts. We don’t want to live life busy and disconnected. We want […]

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